My cousin was involved in a divorce that was lees than friendly to say the least. no one likes it when that happens, but we see it happening all the time. In this case she was actually getting the house. That might sound great, but it was not as great as it sounds. I told her to hire these Sacramento appraisers I knew of to help. It was more of a ploy from her ex and his counsel to help him hold onto more of the liquid assets from the marriage. I guess he was relying on the location of the house and the market value of the ones around it to make his case look better.

The house was falling apart. Yes, it was in a great neighborhood, but it was one of those homes the rest of the neighbors wished would be torn down. It did get a high appraisal on the last tax assessment, but that is because it was just lumped in with the rest of the homes. If the husband or her would have appealed the assessment, it would have definitely have resulted in a tax reduction. The house was in bad shape. Maybe the ex was relying on the judge just looking at street view pics from an online mapping program. The appraiser gave a full report and included sketches and pictures.

This helped my cousin get cash along with the house. She needed six months to finish her education and then be able to move back east where the rest of her family is at. I moved back home last summer, but I remembered the Sacramento appraisers we used when we sold our house. They helped us get the market price we were asking because they have a good reputation and our home was worth more. There are all kinds of reasons to use an appraiser, and sometimes it is to show a house is not worth as much as someone claims it is.

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