Patch 7.3.5 – Horde Epilogue Cinematic

Patch 7.3.5 – Alliance Epilogue Cinematic

-Patch 7.3.5
-Battle pet event
-Argus lfr
-Call of the Scarab

Which pets to level first for new pet battlers

-Stormborn – counters flyers and pretty much everything else
-MPD and Lifelike mechanical boar – Magic and beast counters
-Ikky -can beat pretty much anything
-Raptors -Can take out pretty much anything
-Unborn’Valk or ghastly kid. – Haunt to combo with Ikky or raptors
-Anubisath -Can take out pretty much anything but very slowly
-Emp crab -Stong critter/undead counter. Heals too
-Rabbit -Can dodge pretty much anything
-Nether Faerie Dragon -Smart use of equalizer can take out 2 pets for 1.
-Grumpy -Used for catching wild pets.

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