Public Events went bigger into Destiny, now with a heroic activator if you’re up for the challenge. Here’s how to activate heroic public events. They’re worth chasing if you’re in a 3 man team, although on some of them, you may need some help.

The other two public events not in this video:

0:43 – Fallen Glimmer Event (You must destroy all 3 glimmer nodes. If you’re shooting a node and it’s showing damage numbers, that’s probably it.)

1:34 – Fallen Ether Event (You must destroy all small Servitors that assist the big one.)

2:03 – Spider Tank Event on Titan (You must disable all 3 forcefields by using 6 arc charges, 2 per forcefield.)

2:44 – Witches Ritual Event (You must destroy the 2 shielded crystals by standing on the Hex Circles.)

3:25 – Vex Construction Event (You must activate all 3 Vex plates by standing in them until 100%.)

4:02 – Cabal Extraction (You must destroy the Cabal Thresher ship that patrols the area.)

4:38 – Taken Event (You need to step in and out of the blight zones to get a buff to shoot the big blight. Once you do enough damage the heroic will activate.)

Other Cabal Event (You need to shoot all of the side vents on the drill or whatever it is until they steam. There are 3 sets, up top, in the middle and then low, in the center of the drill thing. They are usually open when you are taking AOE damage in the dome.)

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