Some listeners know him as Thomas Paine, but we know him as Douglas Gabriel, an amazing master of esoteric knowledge (just Google his name along with the word “neoanthroposophy”), and he is back again with his formible sparring partner, cultural and spiritual historian and author John Barnwell. In Part 3 of the Invisible College series, Douglas and John discuss the cosmic and earthly nutrition stream, the opening of the pineal gland, and some of the effects of spiritual development

The American Intellience Media is not just a daily truth news aggregator site and a C2C (citizen to citizen) intelligence network of truth, we are also a platform for the revelation of spiritual truths that have been fast approaching our world as we exit the dark ages that the Hindus call Kali Yuga into an age of light, truth, and knowledge called the Satya Yuga.

Many of our viewers and readers are keenly interested in the deeper truths of spiritual science and want to understand the world beyond its physical, material form. We are Christ centered in all of our teachings, but don’t put us in a fundamental box of religious conformity. We stand on solid ground of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, but extend our reach as far as the Seraphim will allow us.

Part 1 of this series can be found at entitled Secrets of the Invisible College.

Part 2 of this series can be found at entitled Penetrating Higher Levels of the Invisible College.

Once you learn the deep truths about 9-11, the criminal elite who run the world with fear and blackmail, the corrupt banking system, and the forces of evil that have enslaved humanity for hundreds of years, you may be ready to peel back more layers of falsehoods. Only you and your consciousness stand between the hopeless darkness of evil and despair and a world of truth and light ready to provide you with all that you need.

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