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In this video I talk about the Enduro Engineering soft seat. EE makes a few different models of this seat to choose from.

Taken from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC website:
When you’re adding on to your KTM or Husaberg, it’s easy to focus on popular components and forget about the basics. Fortunately Enduro Engineering’s Seat is so good it’s hard to ignore. A ton of work has gone into this seat to keep your backside comfortable and still retain the stock height. Enduro Engineering didn’t just cram in more padding though.

This seat has a wider top surface for better weight dispersion, edges with larger radiuses to eliminate pressure points, and memory foam padding that conforms to your shape and seating position. With this seat you’ll be one step closer to that multi-day trip, one step closer to riding all day, one step closer to being as comfortable on your bike as you are on the couch. Let the Enduro Engineering Seat take your comfort to the next level and help you get as much riding time as possible.

* Redesigned seat shape features a wider top surface and larger radius edges
* Retains standard/stock seat height (seats are available in standard height and tall versions)
* Available in soft and standard firmness
* Made in the USA
* Provides all-day riding comfort
* Some of the best support on the market

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