Hey guys as promised this is first exclusive interview of AIR 1 in Gate 2018 (Mechanical) Amit kumar Gulia. If you have any more questions feel free to post in comments.
All the queries about Gate preparation are answered in this video by Amit. Also queries like should one do M.tech just for Job or not are also answered.
S. No. Subject / Book Name Author Name
1. Engg. Thermodynamics – P.K Nag
2. Strength of Materials- James M. Gere
3. Industrial Engg.- O P Khanna
4. Production Engg.- PN Rao Vol. 1 & 2, Amitabh Ghosh and Malik
5. Material Science- WD Callister
6. Machine Design- V.B Bhandari
7. Mechanical Vibration – Grover
8. Theory of Machines- S.S Rattan
9. Fluid Machinery- R.K.Bansal
10. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning- P.L. Ballaney
11. Heat Mass And Transfer- Incropera, D.S.Kumar
12. Fluid Mechanics- K L Kumar, R.K.Bansal
13. Gas Turbine & Propulsive Systems- V Ganeshan, P.K Nag
14. I.C.Engine- V. Ganeshan
15. Operations Research- Kanti Swarup

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