I have had other jobs in the past, but we are talking about the sorts of jobs you can fit in around attending college. I worked in a corner shop behind the counter and as the stock boy for example. After that I was a bartender at this tiny place where people would watch the European football matches. Now I have graduated and after a lot of looking I found a good entry level position. Right now my first project involves mobile app development in Singapore. I have some of the skills necessary to perform the task, although I have nothing like the ability needed. However the people in the company have decided that I am going to be the one who talks to the people we bring in to quote on the job. First off they want to make certain that I understand what it is that they expect the final app to look like and how it needs to perform. Then I would sort of be the person who works with the app developer to make sure that we have something we want when it is done.

It seems a bit odd to me at first, but after a bit I realized that I really was more qualified to do this sort of thing than any of the other people there. The IT guy that they have understands all of this stuff, but he is really overwhelmed by all of the day to day stuff that he has on his plate. So if you gave it to him, then the rest of the operation would suffer from diluting his focus on vital tasks. In fact I am under him in theory, but he does not seem all that interested in me right now. I assume he’s going to like it better if and when I actually help him with his work.

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