LEGO Train Track Setup #9! Passenger and Cargo Trains, 5 MOC bridges all over 2 metres long! Fills one whole floor of my house! With Onboard GoPro Ride-Along footage! The biggest build in 2017 so far! The build has the Heavy Haul Train (60052), Maersk Train (10219) The Yellow Cargo Train (7939) and the Passenger Train (7938)! There are Train Stations too! What other sets can you spot? There are some Star Wars sets around too!

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Welcome to channel DunksterBricks. Here you can find videos of lots of things made out of LEGO or related to LEGO. There are videos of Train sets and City sets as well as videos that are tutorials, hauls, and time-lapse. Every so often there is a big railway build which gets bigger everytime it’s made!

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