My husband and I started making our own trail mix nearly 20 years ago. We were just not happy with anything that was on the market, and it appears that our friends and family weren’t either. We started making it for them too, and soon we had orders pouring in because of how good it was. We had been deciding on which route to go with our work lives, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We started out small, but now we have modified atmosphere packaging and dozens of businesses for customers.

When we first started mass producing our trail mix, it was hard because we were not experienced. We took courses so we were following the law for packaged food items, but the equipment we were using to package it took us so long. When the local grocery store asked us to supply them with hundreds of bags of the trail mix, we knew we were going to have to look into vacuum packaging. We bought a small machine back then, but now we are using MAP equipment, which makes life so much easier for us. When we look at pictures of our first product compared to what we produce now, the difference is laughable.

Before, the quantity in each bag was close but not an exact match as we hand measured it ourselves. Also, the bags were wrinkled then, and we slapped on labels ourselves, so there was very little uniformity. Now, the packing machine we use does everything automatically. The exact amount is in each package, the packages themselves are wrinkle free and professional looking, and the labels are perfectly applied. They are even put in cases so all we have to do is load them into the trucks. I never imagined all those years ago that our homemade trail mix would turn into this!

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