Subnautica Full Release Gameplay – Going Deeper to Find What We’re Looking For! New Monsters Are Waiting for Us! – Welcome back to Subnautica! Today in Subnautica, we venture down deeper into the Deep Grand Reef, in search of another Degasi Survivor Base. On our way we encounter some new enemies, and must fight to stay alive! Let’s play Subnautica 1.0 (Full Release)!

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Subnautica 1.0 on Steam:

About Subnautica:
Subnautica is an open world, underwater exploration and adventure game. You have landed on alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down. Subnautica’s oceans range from sun drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea crevasses, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. Manage your oxygen supply as you explore kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life: Some of it helpful, much of it not so much.

Scavenge, Craft, and Survive


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