When my husband and I were deciding on what to do with our back deck, neither one of us considered hiring a Chicago sunroom contractor to transform the space into a beautiful room we could enjoy year round. That idea came from our neighbor, because she had been thinking about the same kind of addition for her own house. She showed us the website of the contractor she had been looking at, and I had to agree that a sunroom was definitely a better idea than redoing the deck. The reason we were redoing the deck, or thinking about it anyway, was because the wood was getting very worn and it just did not look good.

After seeing the sunrooms though, I knew that was the direction we were going to go in. I was able to look at quite a few pictures of before and after shots where people had their decks removed and a sunroom put in. There was not one picture where the deck looked a lot better. We looked at the different options we could have if we had a sunroom installed, and there were so many that we knew it was the only choice we could have.

We ended up hiring the contractor that my neighbor hired as well. Even though he did both sunrooms within a few weeks of each other, they are so different from one another. Her sunroom has a fireplace along with a ceiling fan. It is on the second story, above their garage. Our sunroom is where the deck was. Windows surround all three open sides, and we have a TV installed in there as well. We have a love seat in there plus three chairs for when we have company. Feeling the sun through the windows is the best feeling ever.

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